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Healthy Vegetables

Only the finest grown vegetables.

Freshest Fruit

The freshest and tasteful fruit.

Tantalizing Herbs

Aromatic herbs to enhance any dish.

We specialized in

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

  • Great Quailty

    We offer very good quality service and produce.

  • Timeous Service

    Done with professional timeous service.

  • Competitive Prices

    Our competitive prices are based daily, dependent on availability.

  • Fresh Produce

    We use several different suppliers to source the finest quality produce.

  • Personable Staff

    Our staff have been with us for a long time and know the business.

  • Premium Supplier

    The choice of Knowledgeable Quality Establishments


"John Huxter, a foodie of note, knows what we want – if he hasn’t got it, he will get it. Fresh fruit, vegetables and great service."

"Fresh fruit, vetagtable and great service
John, a superb chef in his own right, knows what the chefs needs. He keeps on pushing the boundries in terms of what the farmers should grow. It is great to have a chef sourcing ingredients for you and monitoring the quality."

"Just a note to thank you and your team for the service and supply over the last few weeks, enabling us to get through a very busy festive season! "

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